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Why Every Homeowner Needs Home Insurance

If you own a home, chances are that you’re required to have home insurance to protect it and yourself. Virtually all mortgage lenders want to protect their investment by having the homeowner keep a home insurance policy. If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association, they also require their homeowners to have this insurance. It’s also important to protect yourself financially in case the worst should happen. When you need to get a home insurance policy, call us at P3 Insurance Solutions in Memphis, TN. 

Protection for Repairs

There are countless events, such as accidents and many disasters, that can happen to a home and leave it damaged. When this happens, it will cost a lot to repair the damage, even if it’s minor. Repair bills for homes are always going up, and it’s important to be able to pay them when they’re needed after something happens to cause damage. That’s the main reason behind needing home insurance. It can pay for those repairs so that you aren’t in a financial emergency. It can pay for even the worst damage after a covered event happens. 

Paying for Item Damage

If the event damages the items in your home, this policy can also pay for that. When items are destroyed in a covered event, they can be replaced with help from your home policy. This is also an essential type of coverage that home insurance provides. Getting everything in your home replaced, or even just a portion of it, can be an enormous expense. If you didn’t have this coverage, it may be impossible for everything to be replaced. 

Get Your Home Policy

If you’re buying a home, one of the first things you need to do is set up home insurance. To get started, just call us at P3 Insurance Solutions in Memphis, TN. 

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