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Does My Auto Policy Cover Damage to Rental Cars?

You’re at the counter of a rental car company when you get the contract asking if you want to pay an exorbitant fee to insure your rental car against damage. Do you take it? Most of the time, you don’t need to do so. At P3 Insurance Solutions, serving Memphis, TN, we want you to know that sometimes policies cover damage to rental cars caused by accidents while in your possession.

Most Personal Insurance Policies Cover Rental Car Damage

You don’t need auto insurance to rent a car, but that lack of a requirement is also why rental companies tell you upfront about insurance costs. Read your current personal auto insurance policy to see what your limits are for comprehensive, and if collision damage will apply. However, in most cases, you should also read the liability coverage for damages occurring to other drivers and vehicles. Read your policy before you make a claim with your current auto insurance company.

Other sources of insurance if you don’t have a personal auto insurance policy include your credit card. Again, you must read your credit card agreement carefully to determine eligibility.

What If I Drive Abroad?

Most insurance companies won’t cover damage to your rental car if you are in a different country. The exceptions are if you rent a car in Canada or Mexico. All other countries default to the rental car company’s insurance to maintain coverage.

P3 Insurance Solutions, serving residents of Memphis, TN, will gladly help you determine if your policy covers rental vehicles. Contact us today to determine what coverage you need.

Commercial Insurance Oversights to Be Wary Of

Beware of commercial insurance oversights that could interfere with business operations. Once you have reviewed the tips, contact one of our P3 Insurance Solutions agents for guidance with updating your commercial insurance policy.

Use Value

How you use machinery and other types of equipment could influence your coverage needs. If you fail to assess each item, you will be insured and could choose a lower coverage amount than you need.

One way to ensure adequate coverage is to consider the use value of your commercial essentials in advance. The items you rely upon daily should receive more coverage than those you use less frequently.

Placement Errors

Placing your commercial essentials could affect whether you must file an insurance claim. Failing to put your items in secure areas without exposure could lead to weather-related damage, vandalism, and theft.

It is a good idea to map out where you will place items before purchasing insurance. Once you have everything set up, you can relay the placement details for your business equipment when you are ready to update your commercial insurance policy.

Add-On Omissions

Your business may offer unique services that could benefit from having insurance add-ons included in your policy. If you don’t research add-ons, you could discover later that your failure to have a specialized type of insurance coverage is hurting your business.

Check out all the insurance products available to you as a business owner. This will prevent you from overlooking any necessary coverage types.

Contact P3 Insurance Solutions

Contact one of our Memphis, TN agents to discuss your commercial insurance needs when convenient.

Addressing Barriers to Home Insurance Coverage and Affordability

Ensuring insurance accessibility for underserved communities is essential for promoting financial inclusion and protecting homeowners against risks around Memphis, TN. Addressing barriers to home insurance coverage and affordability requires targeted efforts and collaborative solutions within the insurance industry.

Geographic Disparities and Risk Factors

Underserved communities, including rural areas and low-income neighborhoods, often face geographic disparities in insurance availability and affordability. Factors such as higher crime rates, inadequate infrastructure, and proximity to environmental hazards can increase insurance costs and limited coverage options. 

Limited Housing Options and Insurability

Residents of underserved communities may encounter challenges obtaining insurance coverage. Traditional insurers may consider older homes, manufactured housing, or properties with maintenance issues uninsurable. Collaborative efforts between insurers, regulators, and community organizations can explore alternative insurance options and mitigation strategies to improve insurability and affordability.

Financial Literacy and Education

Insurers should invest in educational initiatives and outreach programs to teach residents about insurance fundamentals, coverage options, and risk management practices. Increasing financial literacy enhances consumer confidence and facilitates informed decision-making regarding insurance protection.

Policy Innovation and Community Partnerships

Insurance providers can drive accessibility through policy innovation and strategic partnerships with community-based organizations and government agencies. Developing specialized insurance programs tailored to the needs of underserved populations, such as microinsurance for low-income households or community resilience initiatives, expands coverage opportunities and fosters greater resilience against unforeseen events.

Regulatory Support and Advocacy

Regulators play a crucial role in advocating for insurance accessibility and addressing systemic barriers within the industry. Through targeted policy interventions and regulatory oversight, policymakers can promote fair insurance practices, support risk mitigation efforts, and incentivize insurers to expand coverage options for underserved communities.

Let P3 Insurance Solutions Inform You

P3 Insurance Solutions helps answer home insurance questions and serves the Memphis, TN, region. Call us today.

Four things that might surprise you about auto insurance coverage

A complete understanding of auto insurance options is crucial for drivers in Memphis, TN. At P3 Insurance Solutions, our experts are ready to provide comprehensive answers to any questions about your coverage. Here are four potentially surprising points concerning auto insurance that you should be aware of:

1. Full Compensation Might be Absent After a Total Loss

If you’re still repaying your auto loan, bear in mind that you may not receive adequate compensation from your insurer to clear your outstanding loan if your vehicle is deemed a total loss. Including gap insurance in your policy can prevent a situation where you continue paying for a vehicle you no longer have.

2. Auto Insurance Covers Rental Vehicles

One of the attractive benefits of auto insurance policies is the provision for rental vehicle coverage. When your vehicle is under repair or has been totaled, this component of your policy allows you to use a rental vehicle for a limited period.

3. Basic Coverage Does Not Cover Your Vehicle’s Damage

A basic auto insurance policy typically only includes liability coverage as mandated by law. However, this only covers damage to other vehicles. If you wish to cover damage to your vehicle, you will need to add collision coverage to your policy.

4. Many Policies Offer Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is an invaluable perk offered by many auto insurance policies. It saves drivers the out-of-pocket expense of calling a tow truck when they experience a breakdown or an accident.

At P3 Insurance Solutions, we strive to meet your auto insurance requirements in Memphis, TN. Contact us today for a competitive quote!

How a Business Owners Policy (BOP) Saves You Money

Financial Stability for Your Memphis, TN, Business with P3 Insurance Solutions

Securing your business in Memphis, TN, with commercial insurance is essential to ensure its financial stability. At P3 Insurance Solutions, we have a diverse range of commercial insurance policies, offering you the flexibility to curate your commercial coverage. We provide a business owners’ policy package (BOP) for qualifying small and medium-sized businesses. This package consolidates four key insurance policy coverages at a lower premium than if they were purchased individually. It serves as cornerstone insurance for a small or medium-sized business.

Greater Value with Business Owners Package (BOP)

The BOP saves companies a substantial amount of money on premiums. However, it entails meeting a certain set of qualifications. The BOP package includes liability coverage, property damage coverage, business interruption coverage, and specific peril coverage. This package provides your business with financial protection from potential lawsuits if deemed negligent. BOP also covers losses or damages to your business premises due to a peril named in the policy. It also covers other types of property damages, providing compensation for repairing or replacing your business site in the event of a fire or similar catastrophe, for instance. Business interruption coverage ensures you won’t lose money if damage from a covered peril forces a temporary closure.

Opt for a Package That Offers More for Your Business

For more information on qualifying for a BOP for your business, contact P3 Insurance Solutions, proudly serving Memphis, TN. You can save money on premiums and obtain the four most crucial types of coverage to safeguard your business by simply qualifying for a BOP.

Home Insurance is Every Homeowners Safety Net

Owning a home has many benefits, but as any homeowner will tell you, it also comes with many responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is protecting our homes, and that is also where the friendly, experienced, and professional team at P3 Insurance Solutions can help. For homeowners in and around the greater Memphis, TN area, we offer proven, reliable, and smart home insurance solutions.

Home Insurance is Every homeowner’s Safety Net

Homeowners take many steps to protect their homes. From basic safety protocols like locking windows and doors and installing security systems to more proactive measures like security cameras, protecting the home is a top priority for every homeowner.

Home insurance is also another tool and step in protecting our homes that homeowners can rely on. That is also why home insurance and protecting our homes go hand in hand because when our defenses don’t stop the threat, home insurance is like your safety net. 

Home Insurance: Protecting What Matters Most

From protecting our investment to protecting the place we call home and our family, home insurance is there to help people protect what matters most. Theft, storm damage, and property liability protection are a few examples of the potential risks homeowners should evaluate.

At P3 Insurance Solutions, Memphis, TN homeowners get the insights, support, and guidance they need to get the right home insurance for their needs. When it comes to protecting our homes, our families, and the things that matter most, we can help you get the most out of your home insurance protection.

For All Your Home Insurance Needs

If you are a homeowner in or around beautiful Memphis, TN and are in the market for home insurance, we can help. Contact us at P3 Insurance Solutions to learn more and to get the protection your home needs and deserves today.

What can happen if I do not carry auto insurance in Memphis?

Anyone living in the Memphis, TN area will know that the local region offers plenty of great recreational activities and options. For those that are here, having access to a vehicle is very important as getting around the community without it would be quite difficult. Further, having insurance is a requirement and you could face various repercussions if you do not carry a proper plan at all times. 

Legal Violations and Challenges

One of the consequences that could arise if you are not appropriately insured in Memphis is that you could face legal violations and other charges. If you are going to drive a car in Tennessee, you are obligated by law to at least have liability insurance. If you do not have this coverage, you will be penalized if caught behind the wheel of a car without insurance. Also, your loan agreement will likely require you to carry out a comprehensive plan. If you are not insured, you will be in violation of that agreement as well. 

Lack of Coverage

You will also find that you miss out on the coverage provided by an auto insurance plan. Drivers without coverage will have no financial support if they are involved in an accident or incur another type of loss with their vehicle. This can prove to be a significant financial strain in some situations. 

Consult With Us

You should always make sure that you are properly covered with auto insurance when you are in the Memphis, TN area. If you are looking for a new policy in this region, you can begin your search by calling our team with P3 Insurance Solutions. Our professionals with P3 Insurance Solutions know the importance of this coverage and will continue to ensure you understand your needs and options so you can build an ideal plan. 

Is Commercial Insurance Required for My At-Home Crafts Business?

If you live in Memphis, TN and you have an at-home crafts business, you’re probably excited about having your own home business. Working from home and running a crafts business can be fun and lucrative. With running any business, there comes a great deal of responsibility when it comes to managing finances, ensuring your business is registered, and more. Is commercial insurance required for your at-home crafts business you might be wondering? The answer is yes, you do need commercial insurance.

Here is an explanation of why:

In the Event You’re Ever Sued

All businesses are at risk of having lawsuits brought against them, and if someone were to file a lawsuit against you and win the case, you would be required to pay out of pocket. This could potentially be a substantial amount of money, which could possibly cause you to file for bankruptcy. Commercial insurance can give you peace of mind, knowing that you can file a claim against your insurance should a lawsuit ever be brought against you. 

To Provide Coverage in Case of Damage 

Since you can’t ever predict if your business-related materials, equipment, or supplies might become damaged, having commercial insurance is a necessity. By ensuring that you’re adequately covered, any business-related items can be replaced or repaired, if it ever becomes necessary. 

As you can see, it doesn’t matter whether your crafts business is from home or at an outside location. Commercial insurance is necessary in case of liability. If you’re obtaining quotes from various Memphis, TN insurance agencies, don’t forget about us at P3 Insurance Solutions. At P3 Insurance Solutions, we provide all types of insurance products, including commercial insurance. We have been in business for decades, and we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and offering fair rates. Call us today for a quote. 

Why Every Homeowner Needs Home Insurance

If you own a home, chances are that you’re required to have home insurance to protect it and yourself. Virtually all mortgage lenders want to protect their investment by having the homeowner keep a home insurance policy. If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association, they also require their homeowners to have this insurance. It’s also important to protect yourself financially in case the worst should happen. When you need to get a home insurance policy, call us at P3 Insurance Solutions in Memphis, TN. 

Protection for Repairs

There are countless events, such as accidents and many disasters, that can happen to a home and leave it damaged. When this happens, it will cost a lot to repair the damage, even if it’s minor. Repair bills for homes are always going up, and it’s important to be able to pay them when they’re needed after something happens to cause damage. That’s the main reason behind needing home insurance. It can pay for those repairs so that you aren’t in a financial emergency. It can pay for even the worst damage after a covered event happens. 

Paying for Item Damage

If the event damages the items in your home, this policy can also pay for that. When items are destroyed in a covered event, they can be replaced with help from your home policy. This is also an essential type of coverage that home insurance provides. Getting everything in your home replaced, or even just a portion of it, can be an enormous expense. If you didn’t have this coverage, it may be impossible for everything to be replaced. 

Get Your Home Policy

If you’re buying a home, one of the first things you need to do is set up home insurance. To get started, just call us at P3 Insurance Solutions in Memphis, TN. 

Documents you should always carry in your vehicle

Knowing what documents you need to keep in your vehicle is essential if you are ever in an accident or are pulled over by the authorities for any other reason. You will be required to turn over some documents when asked. Knowing exactly where they are can save a lot of grief.  At P3 Insurance Solutions in Memphis, TN, we make sure that our customers have all the required documentation that is mandated by the state of Tennessee. 

Documents you should always carry in your vehicle


In Tennessee, you can renew your vehicle registration online, and then the registration and the striker will be mailed to you within a week or so. You place the sticker on the license plate and put the registration in your glove box. If you lose your registration certificate, it can be replaced by sending the appropriate documentation to the county clerk’s office. 

Insurance card

You are required to carry auto insurance in the state of Tennessee. You can opt for basic auto insurance, or you can get total coverage which includes protection for your vehicle. Whichever way you choose, when your auto insurance policy is mailed to you or you receive your digital copy, a copy of your insurance cards will be included. You will have to print them if you opt to receive your documents digitally. The nice thing is, that you can print another copy any time you want if they are misplaced. 

Driver’s license

Many people use their driver’s license as a form of identification. Therefore, it will usually be on their person at all times. This can be in a wallet or purse. But if you are in your vehicle, the driver’s license will be there with you. 

Consult With Us

Call our team at P3 Insurance Solutions in Memphis, TN when you have questions about auto insurance. We are happy to provide a no-obligation quote. 

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